Frequently Asked Questions


What type of tents do we sleep in?

You'll be sleeping under the stars in a custom Campo A Frame canvas tent. Our tents are crafted from untreated spruce wood and durable canvas. They're simple, durable, and spacious (you can even walk around in them!).

What does Campo provide?

When you stay with Campo, you'll have access to all of the camping essentials. This includes everything you need for a comfortable sleep, quality camp cooking, proper trash disposal, a rinse station, and, to answer the most pressing question in your mind - a camp toilet & TP.

Are there other campsites nearby?

Well, yes and no. Each Base Campo has it's own plot and, while there are other tents around the property, you aren't packed like sardines like the typical campsite. Each site is unique and cater to a range of needs - accessibility, groups, and rugged seclusion. If you want to connect with the other Campers, you can come to our communal area or sign up for group events.

Campo's Camp Manager, Caroline, lives in the farmhouse on the premises and is always available to give insider knowledge, recommendations, or answer any questions for you. 

What about, um... the loo?

Ah, yes. Our campers affectionately named our loo "poo-topia". We provide camp toilets with river views in the common area. Upon check-in, the camp manager will explain how the system. It's pretty simple stuff. Basically, it's a no-water toilet, but don't worry - we take care of the cleanup. If you're in need of a quick rinse, help yourself to the outdoor camp shower (fresh spring water)!

Where do I park?

We have parking on site that is a 3-10 minute walk away from your tent, depending on your site.

Will I have cell service?

Our test site doesn't have any cell service. We do have custom guides, maps, and instructions that are even better than anything google could give you, though. For those that really need to connect, wander over to our dedicated wifi area.

How does cooking work at the site?

You'll find all cooking essentials at the communal camp kitchen. To keep you and the wildlife safe, we ask that all food and cooking is kept to the communal camp area. To stock up on grub, head to the grocery just a few miles from camp or purchase some basic camp food at our on-site camp store.

Will I have access to water?

We live in the watershed and have access to plenty of amazing mountain spring water. Plus we have swimming ponds and a beautiful creek that runs through our campground. We keep plenty of water in our camp kitchen for rinsing dishes and more. However, to be safe, we ask all campers bring their own potable water as our water is not treated.

Does Campo allow group camping?

To keep the quality of experience high, we limit our tent occupancy to 2 people (or 2 adults and a child). If you'd like go camping with more friends, you can book our group site (4 people, 2 tents). To request a large group or an event, please send an inquiry to Please note: Campo is a place to unplug from everyday city life and reconnect with nature and a simple way of living, not the place for rowdy gatherings - sorry!

Is there electricity?

As you'll be camping, you'll not have access to outlets or electricity hookups on your site. We do provide solar lanterns and solar-powered portable charger with USB hookups. If you need access to an outlet, contact Campo at and we will try to meet your needs as best we can!

Is it safe?

We have a camp manager on site 24/7 and make rounds twice a day to make sure our campers are safe and happy. We are also available 24/7 through call, walkie-talkie, or WhatsApp, our primary on-site communication platform. For your own safety and the safety of the land, please read our terms & conditions.

What should I pack?

We do our best to provide everything you need for an awesome camping experience, but there's some things that are best left in your hands. You'll want to bring: Overnight essentials, a sleeping bag liner & pillow case (also available for rental on-site), specific medicine, sunblock, a swim suit & towel, and camp food.

Note: If you have any strong allergies (peanuts, bees, pollen) please, please bring the necessary medicine or emergency treatment!

How do I get there?

One of our most common questions! If you aren't a car owner, we have put together some of our favorite options for transport in a nifty little page (click here)! Basically, we recommend either taking a Car2Go from Manhattan/BK, a Toro from NJ, or doing a clever mix of Metro North x Enterprise. We find these to be the cheapest, most flexible options out there.